Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Storms ahead

Hello again blogging world! I know you were really starting to miss me!  I have been a bit busy the past few days and have loads to tell you about.  (I know crazy right, the funny part is I can't even figure out why I have been so busy it doesn't really feel like I have accomplished anything.)  

First things first, lets start off with the most important news of all......I GOT AND IPHONE!!!! (yup thats the most important...obviously :P )  Okay so its really not important at all but it is exciting!  After being the loving owner to a beautiful pink chocolate "dumb" phone for 7 years I have finally moved into the world of smart phones.  It is pretty nice to have, though I may have a slight addiction.  (who would have thought especially since I already have had an iPod touch and and iPad.  The only new part for me is having a phone and apple device in one.)  I know this is what you all are dying to hear about but in the interest of not tiring out your poor eyes I will move on to more "boring" things.

I have made some progress on solving my o2 problem.  I got several small tanks delivered yesterday and have found that they do, in fact, last me a few hours out and about.  I have also been working on going out.  I still get anxious as we drive to a place, and before getting out of the car, and while we are in the place, and sitting at home thinking about going somewhere, and any time I go outside and see a person, and at the thought of seeing a person and....okay so maybe the anxiety piece is still kinda bad, but the important part is that I did it, I went out in public and I keep going so it will only get easier!  I have gotten better at navigating the world of home with my snake friend and can pretty much get anywhere in the house now.  I will be glad when I can finally ditch this thing though.

In the transplant department there is finally some news!  On sunday I got the idea to have a family meeting to discuss the situation and get everyones opinions on our options.  After discussing for a while we all came to the conclusion that faster seems better and that I should try to get my transplant done at Duke.  Yesterday the call was made to the docs to get my info over to Duke which has been taken care of.  Now we wait to hear from Duke.  

Getting my transplant done at Duke will mean moving to North Carolina until I get my transplant and until I am recovered enough to not need frequent doctor visits.  We decided to go with Duke because they have a really good success rate and their wait time is the shortest.  I am really hoping that I will be able to get my lungs in a couple of months.  I am sad to leave Colorado and everyone here.  I am also sad what it means for my schooling, I would not be going this fall and possibly spring which sucks since I love it so much.  But as Beth says "there are things you have to give up in order to get new lungs."  (If it were up to me though the only thing I would give up would be my old lungs!)  Unfortunately that is not the case.  I am excited though at the same time because for the first time in my life I am having to give up stuff for my health, while knowing that I will get it back and more!  I may not be able to live with my friends next year but when I do finally get to join them again I will actually be able to keep up (and maybe pass them).  I will be able to go on hikes and camping trips, explore other towns without having to think about the elevation, actually go swimming and not just sit in the pool, show people my hometown and be able to take them around and even be able to leave the couch at Thanksgiving and that makes it all worth it!  

It is amazing to me how much my life has changed in the past few weeks.  I have always been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel but that light has changed.  It is no longer the light of heaven but the light of life, real, adventurous life, I think, the life I was meant to have!  I know heaven will always be waiting there for me when my time has come, but for now I actually get to do the things I have dreamed of doing, that I figured I just had to let go of, here on Earth!  So yes Duke has its drawbacks and sacrifices but if that means I have a chance at having a new life in a few months instead of a few years, I'll take it.

Now on to my last topic and the reason for the title, Storms. (Warning its a bit "churchy" ahead so prepare yourself!)

At church this weekend  the message was about storms hitting our life.  The teaching was coming from the story of the two men who built houses one on a rock and one on sand.  Most people are probably familiar with the kids song about the story but if you didn't know it is a parable from the Bible.  The story is talking about God's teachings as the rock and the world's as the sand.  The house is you, or your life.  Basically what the story tells us is that if you build your house upon God and rely on him and try to make your decisions based on his teachings, he promises you will not be crushed when the inevitable "storms" or trouble comes.  This has been a very important promise in my life and this weekend was a nice reminder of that.  As I sat there in church (braving the crowd with my oxygen!) I felt so thankful.  My life these past few years has been pretty stormy, and yet I am still here, not only alive but happy!  Yes I have my bad days but most of the time I feel pretty happy and it really is due to God holding me up (even if part of his holding is coming from my drugs :D ), keeping me going and giving me the reminders just when I need them.  I feel the need to share this on here for those of you that already believe but are unsure of the whole not letting you be crushed thing.  I want to let you know that God really won't let you be crushed, I have seen this in my own life and know it is true.  Will he let you be hurt, yeah, but in the end you will be okay!  I don't know who all out there is reading this or your story but if you feel like I am talking to you just know God is there with you it might be overwhelming at times but God won't let you completely fall apart.  

By the way although I don't mention God a lot he is a HUGE part of my life and the only reason I am still here.  He is also one of my favorite topics to discuss so if you want to discuss this more send me an e-mail I would love to talk to you (even if it is just to argue with me, I love me a good debate!).  I do enjoy regular e-mails as well  I have not mentioned before but please know you can contact me anytime with any questions or comments you might have.  I also read the comments that go down on here so that is a way to talk with me as well!  (lets not argue in my comments though, I don't really think any of you lovely blog readers would but you know, better safe than sorry!)

That about sums it up.  More to come later guys.   
Love you all!
peace out home dogs!


  1. Thank You Anna For Sharing! I Appreciate It! I'm So Happy For The Decision You And your Family Has Made! God Bless And I Look Forward To Seeing You Again!

  2. I heard via Kelly's Facebook post that you had a new post on your blog. I wonder why I didn't get the e-mail announcement.
    You sure have a lot of big news this time! Wow! What a surprise that you're moving to South Carolina for your lung transplant. Is somebody going with you, or are you going alone? Where will you live? Can you put pictures on this blog so we can see what you're doing there?
    I'm glad you're enjoying your new iphone.
    I really appreciate your cheerful attitude and your faith in God which will help you get through this ordeal
    Peace and love,