Wednesday, September 11, 2013

While waiting...

Well this should be a quickie cuz it's late and I'm sickish and tired.  I thought I should write a quick update.  This week started off well but by Monday night I was starting to feel a bit bad.  I have been feeling this off and on at night for the past few weeks and this is normal for me.    Sometimes though the sickish feeling gets worse or isn't gone in the morning and this was the case.  We called the docs and they had me come in for an appointment.  It was a bit weird meeting with them because they didn't seem to know why I came in and acted like it was a regular old visit.  At the end we asked what they thought we should do about my sick feeling and they felt I would be the best judge in this case and we decided to wait it out another day and see if I got better.  After a very unrestful night I felt a little worse and decided antibiotics would probably be a good call.  I told the docs and they got me hooked up with some oral drugs and tomorrow will hook me up with some drugs I can shoot up! ( see even in my sick state I can still be a little funny :p). The bonus of yesterday's surprise doc visit is that I finally got to sign the papers for getting listed.  The doc said they will possibly list me next week!  (It means lungs on the 13th probably won't happen but it's still before my birthday so it's all good!  Plus who knows what kinda plan the big guys got. In my experience he tends to do some crazy things so I think the 13th isn't entirely out as unlikely as it is.)

So now I just wait.  Wait to get better, wait for lungs, wait to join my people again.  I'm not sure if it has to do with the getting sick thing or not but the past few days I've been pretty "home" sick. I put that in quotes cuz I'm really just missing my peeps whether they are at home or school.  I am so excited for the day I get to go back to my life and join everyone again!  I also really miss my family especially Grace and Paul.  It's pretty weird being the only "kid" in the house and it makes things pretty quiet and a bit dull at times.  I guess I'm getting a little taste of what Paul's life is like now that Grace and I are gone. :(

Well nighty night y'all :) 
(See nice and short!)


  1. Hi Anna,

    Thanks for the update. So sorry that you're sick. I hope the antibiotics help. Being isolated from your family and friends can be a major problem. Homesickness can get to become a real sickness. I speak from some experience about this. Laughter is the best medicine, and I've recently learned that even fake laughter can bring health benefits. So, go look in your mirror and start laughing even if there's nothing funny about what you see. Practice different kinds of laughs.... Ho! Ho! like Santa Claus, and giggle like a teenager. Try it!

  2. Yes, I get to laugh all the time because your Grandma Kay is my sister and there is nothing she can do to change it! Tee-hee. I hope you get to feeling better. I don't comment often but I enjoy reading your blog.