Saturday, October 12, 2013

Anna's Getting New Lungs!!!

Hi! I'm Karen, Anna's mom. Anna gave me the pen to keep all her blogollowers posted :) She got the call this morning around 9:20 am EST. She didn't hear if she was the primary or secondary which she believed meant she was primary. She was right! I'll let her fill you in with all the details from her point of view. She went though the same pre-op prep as she did on Tuesday.  At 2:04 the transplant coordinator called her and told her "it's a go!" Within about 15 minutes they whisked here off to surgery.

So now we wait...

I'll keep you posted :)


  1. Brad and I are praying for you Anna...when you read your blog after your surgery you will hear just how many people are praying during and after your much love, prayers and best wishes from so many prayer warriors! Lots of hugs Anna! Your friends, Cathy & Brad