Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Turkey for this Turkey!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and it is looking like I will be joining my fellow Americans (who are aloud to eat) in stuffing myself on turkey day! ( not that I actually like turkey, but who knows maybe now I do). Anyway, things have been going really well for me the past week.  I have had energy everyday and have not had a nap in 6 days!!!  I still occasionally have moments of nausea or other weird feelings but I am starting to feel good more often than not.  I have been working on eating and am slowly beginning to cram more stuff down in there at once.  Tonight I pretty much ate a full meal! (It may have taken a few hours but I got it down and didn't feel completely awful!) The real test will come tomorrow. :)

The break brought along some visitors, providing a nice change of pace.  My mom switched with my dad and step mom and got to go home for the week.  My friend Jenna got to visit this weekend and yesterday my sister came!  I have been having a really good time with my visitors and it has really helped me to feel more like myself.  I think I am ready to go home now and get back to regular life.  If things continue the way they are moving I may be able to get home in a few weeks!
I hope you all enjoy your turkey day!
Gobble gobble :D

P.s. it's flu shot time! Be sure to get one if you haven't yet.  Protect yourself and people around you like me (immuno compromised peeps!) 

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