Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year at last!

As the new year approaches I am planning on making a few big changes!  I'm finally getting back to school!  Pepper and I will be ditching this chilly snow filled land for a more cactusy landscape!  

Things with her are going great.  She has begun to alert me!  Although she doesn't know the nudge signal attached to the alert yet,she gets my attention and promptly picks the correct hand.  So far she has done 3 alerts and all were correct!  Last night she even warned of an impending low early enough that I never had symptoms!  It's a good thing she's alerting too because, ironically, she chewed up the cord to my monitor(dex) and I haven't gotten a replacement yet.  I guess that was her way of telling me she is up for the task!  

I am very excited about this next year!  Let's hope it's a little less medicalie, and much more friendie and fun!

Until next time
Ttfn blogollowers!

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