Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Moving On

So Im sad to tell you that its been so long since I last posted that I actually forgot how to write a new blog post!  (I'll blame it on the chemo brain, how long does that last by the way?)  But as I mentioned before I am living a healthy productive, rich life and for that I am not sorry!  I am continuing to make progress.  A few weeks ago I got my G-tube out.  It is a little bitter sweet, my tube was the last remnant of my old life that still remained, well except for my crappy stomach, but we have already covered that one. see here  Anyway, it hasn't been too rough having it out.  I had thought I would need surgery to get the hole closed but the doc thought it would close on its own.  I decided to give it a go and see if I can save myself a surgery.  So far it is closed for the most part (Hallelujah praise the lord!)  it leeks from time to time but most of the time its nice and dry!

As I lose my old life physically the last dried shriveled up remnants are falling off mentally.  My job has been a great help to shake off the last part of my anxiety!  (shake it off, shake it off Oh Oh... there is some real truth to that song yo!)  I am also beginning to get used to this whole idea of being active.  Today for instance I went on a walk through the Mecca of all dog parks and I enjoyed every minute of it!  The old me would have been miserable and constantly calculating where the next place to rest is and the fastest way back to the car.  But I wasn't I barely even felt like I was doing any work at all, and lets be honest walking isn't exactly strenuous exercise!  At Easter I got a lot of my family to play kick ball and I had a blast.  Running from base to base was no problem.  I almost would go as far as to say I love moving!  Not like formal excise but I do love doing active things!  The old pathway of my brain have grown over and I no longer despise excise and with that its time to step, maybe even run into the new improved and probably more true to who I am, me!

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