Friday, May 12, 2017

0 days since last hospital stay

Blog post written back in January (oops, sorry guys!)

They say transplant is trading one disease for another, it's easy to forget this when things are going well, but inevitably post transplant "disease" has its way of keeping it on your mind.  For most of this year things have been going fairly well.  I have been mildly sick here and there but nothing major, well... until now.  New year, new germs, or something like that.  Anyway, I got pretty sick after the start of the new year, probably the sickest I've been in a long time.  It all started with what I thought was a cold but quickly realized it was much more.  I was still at home so I went in to see my CF doc there.  I was sent home with a few meds in hopes they would do the trick and they did... or so I thought.

Fast forward a week and I was sick again.  This time much worse than before and I was back at school.  I ended up doing a little research and found a transplant hospital in Phoenix so I decided to go there.  I figured they would know what to do and I wouldn't risk getting trapped in the ICU again (read about it here).  Luckily I made the right move.  This place seems pretty good and they have been doing exactly what I would think they would do.  I've only been in a couple days and already I am doing much better.  I was on oxygen when I first came in because I couldn't breathe and I am off of that completely now!  Hopefully I will keep on getting better and be able to get out of here in a day or two.  The semester just started and I really need to get back to class!

 My hospital streak is gone, but I am where I need to be for the moment.  I will have to start a new streak once I get out of here!  Thankfully I have some amazing people here who were willing to help me out, from taking me to the hospital and hanging with me for hours in the ER, to helping my mom get my car and just being here hanging out with me and playing games.  I am so thankful for the people I have in my life!
The start of this whole thing, I think Nora knew something was wrong

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