Saturday, March 21, 2015

Yes still around!

Hello people of the Internet,
Yes I still exsit!  I'm doing well and for the first time in my life able to just live dare I say it.... Normally.  My strength (what little I had) is coming back, along with my hair and my weight.  In fact I have gained back like 10lbs with no tube feeds!  That's right this girl eats now, albeit not healthily but "real food" has got to be better than the fake chemical crap (or do McDonald's fries still count as chemical crap???)  for those of you lucky enough to see me in person you'll know that I'm sporting a very curly do!  It's been kind of fun trying out the short look but it's starting to reach the crazy faze which I'm not looking forward too!  Oh well I'll get through it one inch (probably more like one millimeter) at a time!  My normalness countinues as I now have a job!  I'm working at a local coffee shop and I love it!  I always thought I would like being a barista and I sure do!  (P.s. I'm now Anna Battista the Barista!). Basically I'm so normal you would never know even a hint of what I've been through unless I told you, oh and I have a dog with me a lot of the time, I guess she is kind of a giveaway.  
        So now dear readers it is time to have a talk.  In relationships this is often referred to as a DTR (define the relationship) and although we have an odd written relationship where you know all about me and I'm not even sure who is reading this it is still the term I will use.
As I stated above things are very normal with me and, as I feel, hearing about my normal life is slightly boring, I am going to start blogging less frequently (and let's
be honest here I've been doing that already lately) If you need more frequent updates from me feel free to contact me in one of the other various ways. (Comment here, facebook, email, somke signals,  yea I think smoke signals would be the best!)
Peace out lovelies catch you when my life changes (let's hope for the better!) or when I think of something good to share.