Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Doctor Calling

Good morning blogollowers (yes I think I am liking that word!)

 I have only had an hour of my Tuesday and yet already the doctors have met, discussed me and called me back (again just goes to show the fastness of Duke).  As I was expecting they want to me to come out.  I am in my transplant window!  I am excited but it doesn't really feel any different since I have been expecting to hear this pretty much from the start.  It is nice to know that this is really happening and maybe my "goal" of getting lungs before my birthday might actually happen! I put that in quotes since I really have very little control over the matter, only how soon I get there and my effort in pulmonary rehab other than that it is up to God.  If you are the praying sort a prayer for lungs before my birthday and a quick time on the ventilator would be greatly appreciated.  I have been working on convincing myself that I will breath right after surgery and only be on the ventilator for the minimum time.  This "training" of my brain may work, after all I learned in my social anxiety therapy that your brain believes everything you tell it.  So if I tell it that the ventilator will suck and I'm going to be stuck on it for a long time, I most likely will but if I tell it that it won't be too bad but we are going to breath on our own right away then my brain should help make that happen.

Well you are in luck today cuz thats all I have for now!  (a nice break after my marathon post yesterday!)  I think this would be a great time for questions so if you have any post them bellow and I will do a blog in the near further of questions and answers! (btw I think I have fixed the problem so you should all be able to post comments!)

tootle loo!


  1. Questions.... when are you leaving Colorado? Are you flying or driving?
    Where will you live in N. Carolina? How far from the hospital are you allowed to go?

  2. No questions for now. Want you to know that lots of folks here in Tucson are praying for you and your family :-D Blessings! <3 Jenna's Mom

  3. Hi there Anna! Nice to "meet" you. I just wanted to let you know that I've added you to the CF Blogroll. Good luck on your transplant journey! I haven't had a transplant, but grew up going to the Duke pediatric CF center. I love it there! NC will always be the home of my heart. ;)