Saturday, February 1, 2014

Prograf and Creamsicles

Hello again blogollowers,
I have returned to the ol' NC.  Wait... before you freak out, everything is fine it is just time for my 3 month check up.  (Can you believe it's been 3 months already, and actually nearly 4, wowzers!). My appoiments and bronch are all over so now we just wait to see if there is any rejection.  If there is I will need to be admitted and treated with the lovely (or so I've heard) RATG.

I was really looking forward to this appointment (that is not sarcastic at all)....(no really it's not!). I have been feeling extremely nauseous for about the past 3 weeks.  I had been communicating with my coordinator through it and the best we could figure was that it was some type of stomach bug and I just needed to wait it out.  Well after 3 weeks of puking, eating only creamsicles and orange juice and 20 pounds, (the results of said 3 weeks) I was really getting tired of it and beginning to wonder if something was really wrong.  Once we met with my doctor and had a slew of tests done we discovered the likely culprit was my prograf.  This is one of my main anti rejection drugs and can cause nausea especially if the dose is too high, which it was, sitting at a bit over 32 when my target level is around 12! My prograf level had been high once before (only for a day). I happened to be at clinic that whole day and got so nauseous by the end I couldn't walk.  Mom had to push me in a wheel chair around, only that made me sick too and she ended up having to go at a snails pace just so I could make it without loosing my cookies (not that I had any left in me by that point).  In both cases a few missed doses and then a smaller daily dose seemed to do the trick.

Anyway through this all I have learned that meds suck and make you feel sick and creamsicles taste really good even when you are nauseous (plus they don't taste too bad on the way back up! ;p )

Oh and cars, nausea, pancakes and one super drugged kid (well technically adult) add up to one VERY messy situation but that is a story for another day.... Maybe tomorrow...well today but I'll save it till the suns out! 
Nighty night!

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