Friday, May 2, 2014

There's a fungus among us!

Well the results are finally in and I am rejection clear for the time being!  I did however grow a fungus in my lungs.  Luckily the treatment for this is an oral antifungle medication.  After many calls to the pharmacy I was finally able to get ahold of it and get it started so my trip can go as planned.  I need to get blood tests a week after starting this medicine meaning I needed to start it today in order to get the test done before my trip. With this doctors appointment safely behind me I can get ready for my trip!!!! 
Peace out for now homies! 


  1. Hooray! Now we can get you drunk in Mexico!

  2. This is awesome news. One good report at a time. I love you! Teresa

  3. That is such wonderful news Anna; so happy to hear everything is going fine with your lungs right now. You remain in our prayers to stay healthy. And I saw the photos from your recent European, that must have been an awesome time seeing the sights of those great cities with your family...LUCKEEEEEEE. Lots of Hugs, Cathy & Brad