Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rough waters

Warning: get your Kleenex ready, cuz it's about to go down, this post is real!!! Okay but in all seriousness this post may be harder to read for some.  Life has it's ups and downs no matter what the circumstances.  For those of you who want to continue to believe that I am happy all the time and always supper glad I have new lungs then click on by but for the rest of you here we go.....

So as it sounded above I'm kinda having a bad day.  I have been feeling nauseous a lot again lately and today/ last night my stomach has been hurting.  It was doing this last week too and frankly I'm kind of fed up with it.  For these past few days having new lungs hasn't really made a difference for me, I spend all my time on the couch with the heating pad not feeling good... But hey at least I can breath while I feel like puking! 

Anyway, it's just sort of annoying.  I think everyone hates it when they don't feel good and I've had a lot of bad days throughout my life.  I kinda wish I could get a get through life pain free card about now.  Its also frustrating because I can't eat and yet I want to but then as I go to eat something the nausea intensifies.  All I can get down are my pills, which ironically is probably the culprit of this crappy feeling.  I switched my tube feed mix today so hopefully that helps.  Anything can happen!  I know this will pass eventual and I will be back to living life and loving my lungs, but right now in this moment this whole transplant thing kinda sucks. :(  praying tomorrow is a better day!
Nighty night blogollowers!

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