Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Picture's worth a thousand words

I don't have much news at the moment.  I'm doing well living my life.  Mexico was fantastic and I will post more about it later for today though I have a selection of pics from my Europe trip!  I finally uploaded them to my computer, Enjoy!

super cool looking duck, it had a candy corn beak!!!!

My stepdad, me, my sister, my brother at the D-day memorial in Normandy

American Cemetery at Normandy

Thanks to all the soldiers that fought!  This also reminded me of my donor since he/she is also known only to God (well and any family/friends but you get what I mean)

River ride in Bruges

cool drain I saw on the river ride (and managed to get a pic, prograf hands and all!!!)

Flowers in Keukenhof Garden in Holland

more flowers

super cute baby duck I saw and it got soooooo close to me!!!!!

My sister, me and my brother livin in a shoe!

and more pretty flowers (seriously I took over 100 pictures of just the flowers)

I got my big girl shoes on!

pretty self explanatory I hope!

another cute baby duck (we saw soooooo many of them in Keukenhof, I was dyeing a little bit inside from all the cuteness!)

Hope you enjoy the photos! Later Gators!

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  1. You look amazing!! beautiful trip with your family, right? how was Europe? had you been there before? where would you like to live ( if you could, in Europe) I think my favorite will be Spain :)
    Hug,Kiss, Hug, Kiss :)