Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Not Going Anywhere

Well today marks one year since mom and I left for Durham and as the title suggests I'm not going anywhere.  This fall is looking like a whole lot of Colorado for me.  Now don't get me wrong I love Colorado, but I do wish it was looking a little more Phoenixie for me.  Today has been especially hard knowing that if it wasn't for the stinky cancer I would be packing my things preparing to leave on yet another adventure, though this time with a little more fun and much less pain.  Instead I am home... unpacking.  At least I am home, that is one thing I can be thankful for!  I could be stuck in Durham still, or moving there again to treat this cancer.  It is times like this when it is sooooo important to remind myself of what I do have and to be thankful for it and enjoy it while it is there.  So for now I will sit in my house, with my family near by and be thankful that I at least have that much!

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  1. God bless you Anna, and we'll be thinking of you as we wait here in Durham. It's reassuring to hear of your gratitude for what you do have, your home and your family near by. That, dear wonderful Anna, is a lot and it's all good.