Monday, September 23, 2013

Blah week

Good morning
After over a week of silence the suspense is off, I am finally typing a new post!  Last week was a rough week mentally.  At my doctors appointment the week before my doc had mentioned that I was probably ready to be listed and the docs would discus my case at the weekly Tuesday meeting.  I was excited at the time even though it would mean no lungs on the 13th, we finally were getting some news.  Tuesday couldn't come fast enough.  Unfortunately Tuesday came and went and in this case no news was not good news.  The next day I finally heard from my transplant coordinator I was approved for listing all that was needed was a surgery plan and a med plan.  I was so excited, finally things were happening I could be listed even by the end of the day. I was glued to my phone that day. Unfortunately I never got the call I was hoping for.  Instead I learned that I would need to go in for an antibiotic test dose.  That was a bummer but I still felt it could happen soon. On Thursday I learned that my appointment was scheduled for Monday 4 entire days away, 96 hours of what I felt was wasted time.  And for what? So I could go and get the one thing I know I am allergic to shot up into my veins. Yup sounded like a great plan.  

Luckily time has a way of moving even as slow as it feels some days it keeps going bringing us down the road.  So here I am sitting in the infusion center with a IV in my arm awaiting my itch serum.  Hopefully I have good news soon.  Stay tuned for more.

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