Sunday, October 6, 2013

The foreigner and the pity diner

Why hello internet people.  Yes another week has gone by and still no lungs, in fact I haven't even had a dry run.  At this point I am really starting to wonder if I am actually on the list (no seriously I even sent them an email just to double check :D ) I honestly hope I'm not actually listed because that would explain why after 2 weeks I am still waiting. I know I know in the grand scheme of things even 2 weeks is quick, heck in the real transplant world (not the crazy fast duke world) 2 weeks is nothing.  I really feel for people who have to wait months or even years, it has been hard waiting the past 2 weeks.  The good news is Sebastian, our exchange student from last year, is visiting!  It is great getting to see him again plus he provides a nice change of pace!  Along with the arrival of Sebastian this weekend brought our second trip to the melting pot.  Our first trip was a splurge dinner my mom came up with since we were both kind of tired of being here and discouraged since I hadn't gotten lungs yet.  This past weekend we decided to go back because....well for the same reasons.  It was actually quite fun.  I'm guessing not many people return to the melting pot the following weekend as everyone (staff people) recognized us. (I guess being a 22 year old on oxygen might be a tad memorable as well). This time though we met the owner.  He was very friendly and and we chatted a bit.  After hearing our story he decided to comp our meal which was sooo nice!  We had been joking about making weekly trips to the melting pot our thing until I get my lungs, after that it might just be.  Unless I'm in the hospital you know where I'll be Saturday or Sunday night (both???)
Until then it's more rehab for this kid (how long am I aloud to call myself that?)
Cheese out! Dippin sticks!

P.S yes I am really on the list, the rational part of my brain always knew that but at least now I can shut that crazy idea down completely.

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