Monday, February 3, 2014

The drugged kid and the messy car

As promised here is the story I mentioned the other day.  It's kinda gross so be warned if you have a weak stomach scroll on by.

Friday morning I woke up bright and early for my bronch.  I was already starting to feel better now that my prograf levels were coming down.  Everything went well with my bronch and, as planed, upon release from the hospital mom and I got in the car and headed for my grandparents house.  

I was still pretty sleepy and drugged (they sedate you for the bronch) but I was also really hungry.  We looked around for a Starbucks (what I was craving) but didn't find one. After an hour of sleeping I finally decided an IHOP would do.  We stopped and I quickly settled on a meal.  French toast with bacon and sausage, as well as a hashbrown and 3 pancakes.  Oh and of course a hot chocolate.  I ate nearly all of it (3/4 a sausage and a pancake short) and felt good.  I was so happy I could finally eat again I took a pic!  
Almost instantly after the pic the puke feeling came.  I ran to the bathroom but success was on my side.  My breakfast stayed in, I recovered and we were on our way.  I napped for the next hour until my mom woke me up about 5 minutes from my grandparents house for directions. I successfully guided her.  

We were on the last road before their house when it came.  My stomach suddenly became violent and out of no where I felt a lump in my throat.  "I almost threw up" I said to my mom as if it were no big deal.  A few moments later it came again.  This time there was no stopping it.  I quickly jumped into action. door
My brain came up with a plan and before I knew it my hand was pulling the door open so I could relieve myself on the side of the road mess free.......right????

Those are some crazy drugs they give you and even as rational and sane as you might feel you probably aren't as we can see here.  No thoughts of a bag or some container ever crossed my mind.  Nope, I was going to puke on the side of the road, because clearly that was the best plan.

Luckily in this situation the door was locked and my brain could not comprehend the obstacle or this may have ended up being a far worse situation.  I struggled with the door for what felt like ages as puke began spilling from my facial orifices, until sundenly there was an opening to the outside! ( also known as a window, which luckily my mother seeing my struggle had the sense to put down). 

In the end I managed to cover myself and both the interior and exterior of our car in that delicious breakfast I had been so proud of scarfing (actually I are quite slowly) down. 
What a hello that must have been for my grandparents!

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