Saturday, June 21, 2014

White Water Rafting??....?

Hey bloggie friends! 
Okay so maybe I'm terrible at making blogollowers a thing, but changing nicknames is my thing (ask my poor dog, her nickname changes by the minute!)
Anyways I thought I would post a quick update.  I am currently in the hospital.  I am feeling a bit perkier this evening as this morning I was still pretty miserable, two weeks of feeling bad kinda does that to you, (especially when its pain).
I continued to feel sick into this week, which I was sort of expecting as we thought I was really dehydrated and it can take a while to rehydrate by mouth.  Unfortunately as the days when on I started to feel worse not better.  On wednesday we went to the doc and they did an x-ray believing my "drains" might be clogged.  It appeared that way on the x-ray so I was sent home with some human drainO and hoped to be better the next day.  I cleaned the pipes and still did not feel better.  On Friday I went to get labs drawn and noticed I was feeling even worse, plus my fogginess when standing was so bad I couldn't even see to get back to the car.  We called the doc and went to the ER. (at the right hospital, except its not but we'll get to that)  They drew labs again and found that my blood levels were SUPER low, my hemoglobin for you sciencie types was 4.  It should be between 12-15.  Its funny because I had just been thinking that morning or maybe the day before that I needed blood and boy was I right.  They gave me 3 units yesterday and BAM just like that my world came back into focus!  So I'm fixed right....nope

I still have the stomach pain and they are not sure why my blood count got so low which is concerning.  They have run a few tests and have discovered that I am likely having some sever complications of transplant, enter Duke.  It has been decided, this time not by me, that I need to be seen there, where they know my history and can treat me.  So come monday morning I'll be packed up and shipped off to Duke.  Its kind of a bummer because its so far away but it will be good to be where they can treat me best (and probably won't try to give me my prograf with my other meds!)

I'll post again in Durham, tell you about my trip! 

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  1. Anna, what's really your dog's name?? what are your fav nick names for him/her? I'm sure he has an identity problem and may need therapy :) cheers and God bless you sweetheart