Monday, September 15, 2014

Round 4 review

:o I may have fallen off the blogwagen a bit, but it is only Monday so I still could do two posts this week and then I'd be on track.  I finished my 4th round of chemo last week.  It was definitely the hardest.  Not so much physically but mentally.  I was so hoping to be done after 3 and sitting in the hospital hooked up to IVs 24/7 with 4 days of that in front of me really set in the reality that I still have cancer.  I spent all of my first day and most of my second laying into bed depressed and just wanting to go home.  I eventually snapped my self out of it realizing that being miserable the whole time would only make it worse than it actually was.  Plus my mom got some pretty flowers and stickers and we decorated my room.  Nothing like some bright colors to help you feel a little more cheery!  Also I had a nice visit with one of my mom's friends from high school and she also brought flowers! Two of my favorite things visitors and pretty flowers!

So now I am home, and have been for almost a week.  I'm doing fairly alright though I've been having pain the past few days. Hopefully this will improve so I can enjoy my time in the free world until I am locked up again, the day after my birthday :(, how suckie is that?  I guess at least it's not my birthday!   Until next time (Wednesday?) 
Tootle loo!

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