Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Fate

Today was the day.  I had a PET scan yesterday which revealed to the doctors the next chapter of the story brewing inside of me.  And today we were told the next bit of it.  Well folks it's beginning to look a lot like normal life.  My plan of no more hospital stays could become real because this kid has no signs of cancer!!!!  Yes you read that right, my cancer has indeed hit the road! It finally took the eviction notice seriously and booked it!  What's next in the story of Anna, hopefully some fluffy snuggles, a few late nights, warmer weather and lots of laughs.  I'll post more soon!  There are about to be a few big changes and this time for good things!


  1. YAY!!!!!! So happy to hear this!!!!!!

  2. Hi Anna: So very happy for you. I hope to see photos of your new canine companion. You can now change your slogan from, "I am a lemon," to "I am a miracle!"

    Much love, Mary Sanchez

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