Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Partial Blog from March 30, 2022

A Little Bit Crazy

Okay first off I owe all of you an apology.  Life gets busy, people get sick, a little depressed, and blogs get forgotten.  A lot has happened in the last 3 years (can you believe it has been that long, I sure can't) and not just in the world but in my own life as well.  I will fill you in overtime but the quick version is, I moved back home while waiting to be sick enough for my second transplant.  I ended up getting it in October of 2019 and moved back home right in time for the world to shut down.   I spent the next few months taking it easy and working on healing.  So far I am doing well, these lungs are holding up and aside from being more tired and worn out than before I am doing well.  And that is the quick version so let's dive into our story for today.

What it's real?  Have you ever asked yourself this?  Do you ever wonder, have you ever not been able to tell?  I have.  3 times now.  The most recent being 5 days ago.  

It is a pretty scary experience.  This time was the worst as in my "dream" world I went from being in the car to what I thought was a pretend hospital room.  When I came to and was still in the "pretend" hospital room saying I was confused is an understatement.  The details aren't really important but this experience more so than the others showed me how bad our mental health care is in this country.   I needed psychological help and it was not given to me.  Instead, I was put in a room alone without anything familiar to hopefully come back.  When I did my questions went unanswered and I could not figure out why I felt "awake" from my dream yet was still sitting in the room it took place, rather than in the car where I was supposed to be. 

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