Sunday, April 13, 2014

Six mois! (Sees muah)

Happy 6 Months! Saturday was officially 6 months from my transplant, and I spent most of it walking around Paris! What a way to celebrate!  It has been wonderful being here actually able to breathe.  Today I walked over 6 miles and never got out of breath!  (My legs are not quite a fan of all the walking, especially all the stairs, I think I needed a little more weight lifting before my trip!).
There are many challenges on this trip for me.  It is completely different from challenges with CF.  With my cf lungs I needed to find a fridge, come up with a way to keep my medications cold while on the plane and of course lets not forget the fun of dragging my vest machine around the airport!  Now I have pills to take at certain times, which was actually quite challenging trying to figure out when I should take them with the time change.  (Add in my sleep deprived brain and it almost got me to tears I was so overwhelmed, I did figure it out and didn't miss any doses though!). I also have my immune suppression which makes finding food I can eat a challenge and riding on the moving petri dish (what some may refer to as the subway) is slightly terrifing.  Luckily I have my mask and plenty of hand sanitizer!  

So far I have seen most of the sights, Eiffele Tower, Louvre, Arc de Trionphe, etc, all from the safety of a double decker tour bus.  One day we will be actually seeing the sights from the ground, hopefully they are much less crowded then they were as all I see when I see crowds is a bunch of walking germs and I'd kinda not like to be mixed into that.  Well I'm off to bed, adios! (Being in a place where another language is all around has triggered my Spanish brain!)
On the plane

Notre Dame

Stumpy the Bird!

In front of my sister's school

And of course the Eiffel Tower!

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