Sunday, April 6, 2014

they need your lungs! (and other stuff)

Happy National Organ Donation Month!

I hope you have all signed up to become an organ donor.  If not you can do so here (you will need your drivers license number and basic information)  If you are not currently an organ donor I ask that you seriously consider becoming one.  Being a donor will not change your life any, but once you are gone it can dramatically change another's life.  There are soooooooooooo many people who are waiting for organs and their shot at life, we are in serious need of donors.  Please go sign up right now!  (I'll wait!)



Thank you!
It is amazing to me how much a good organ can change a persons life.  I am living it everyday!  I have finished my rejection treatment and am almost back to my maintenance dose of steroids.  The treatment went well and the side effects were not too terrible.  My ferocious hunger is back, it took a few days off while the 'roids made my sugars skyrocket.  Since the last time I wrote I have also officially become an adult.  (well in the doctor world at least, I still think of myself as a kid and I have been an "adult" for 4.5 years!)  After 3 failed attempts I have actually transitioned to the adult cystic fibrosis center.  It will be good to be seen at an adult hospital rather than continuing to "sneak" into the kids place, though as odd as it is, I'm going to miss it.  It took going to Duke and then my last hospital stay from hell to really make me appreciate children's.  It is a little weird going to a CF doc where no one knows me since I have had the same doc since I was about 4, again though Duke broke me in since no one knew me there either.  It is a little nice though, to get a fresh start.  Thats about it that is happening in the medical world for me!

In other life, I am preparing to go on a trip to Europe!  I am really excited that I am getting to go (unless something crazy happens here in the next week)  My sister has been studying abroad in France this semester.   My family planned to go visit her during this semester, but with my whole transplant happing it was up in the air whether or not I would get to join them.  Luckily I am doing well and have been given the okay to go!  I have not been to Europe since 6th grade and I loved it there so it will be fun to go back.  Plus I am really looking forward to being able to keep up with the group and feel good!  As odd as it sounds I am even looking forward to all the walking!  I really could use the exercise and I have discovered that walking is actually quite easy!  I will try to update you all while I am gone, and if not definitely when I get back!  I hopefully will have a ton of pictures to show as well!  (I am unfortunately the worst at taking pictures and tend to carry my camera around without actually using it! I'll try to work on this while I am gone!)
Au revior!      

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