Sunday, April 20, 2014

Travel on

See I've picked up a little French! ...okay maybe not.  It has been over a week since we left home and we have exactly a week left of our trip.  So far we have been to Paris, Normandy beach, Bruges, Haarlem and tonight we are in Calais.  We also made an afternoon trip to Amsterdam.  So far my favorite place would be Bruges.  I like the smallness of the town.  All the streets are tiny!  I also like all the canals and old buildings.  It felt like I was back in time!  It also helped that pretty much everyone spoke English. 

My other favorite place we have been is Normandy Beach.  This is where D-Day took place.  We went to an area where there were still remains of bunkers and tunnels.  The land there was covered in craters from land mines and bombs.  It was really neat to see the remnants of the battle fought there.  I enjoyed getting to explore the bunkers and climb along the craters, a reminder to me how different my life is with these awesome used lungs!  (Pre-tx I wouldn't have had the energy or air to explore).

We also went to Keukenhof gardens.  This is a huge bulb garden in the Netherlands.  It was so beautiful.  The colors were so vibrant! There seemed to be an endless mix of flower combinations each just as spectacular as the next.  I took soooooooo many pictures, but you really have to see it in person to get the true beauty of it.  It's an early night for us tonight as we leave early tomorrow to catch the ferry over to London!
Nighty night

A real French Macaron! (not as tasty as mine but looks correct)

Enjoying pommes frites in Bruges

One of a million awesome buildings in Bruges

Baby ducks in the canal!

Rest are from Keukenhof Gardens

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