Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A letter to my Stomach

Dear Stomach, belly, Tummie or whatever else I may call you or you may prefer to be called,
It's time we had a talk.  It has come to my attention recently (Well I've kind of know this for a while actually) that you are not wanting to get with the program and behave along with the rest of my body.  Well stomach I'm here to tell you that it is time to shape up.  First off, you have been quite bothersome in the food department.  We like food, we can eat food now, I've done what you asked and gotten you the oxygen and space you require.  It is time for you to do you part and actually hold food.  Yes I get the meds are annoying and not pleasant to keep in but it is the price we pay for space and air, so tough it up and keep the food in.  Also no complaining about food, like I said we like food and can eat it now so stop getting angry when I fill you up, or give you something I happen to think is delicious (um rice comes to mind)  I don't care if you don't like it, you work for me, not the other way around you hear!  Secondly, the time has also come to step it up.  I understand this has a lot to do with you pal pancreas but really the two of you have got to figure it out.  I give you the pills you need to digest the food and do your job so seriously start doing it.  This whole eat a ton yet having my weight go in the opposite direction is really getting old.  Again step it up bub!  Here is how it is going to work, I give you the food (I'll even be nice and leave out the rice....for now!) and the enzymes, you get to work, share the task with the intestines (no you are not off the hook either kiddos!) and digest this stinkin food I keep putting in you and turn it into something useful, some fat and muscle comes to mind.   Lastly, stomach there is this whole issue of cancer.  Excuse me!!!!! What is that????  You have been nothing but nasty to me since my transplant and then WHAM, BAM out of no where you let cancer come in and make a home in you, UM.... so not cool.  If this is a cry for help I hear it loud and clear, so it's time to tell your new buddie to hit the road.  It can leave the easy way or the hard way, but your guy cancer is SOOOOOOO not sticking around so I think we can agree it'd be better for all of us in this body to just kick the cancer to the curb and move on.  I'll try to be nicer to you, give you your enzymes all the time, maybe even eat some healthy things now and then and not so much, ice cream, and candy, and popsicles, and straight up brown sugar, and.....well you know.  

I think we can be in agreement that we need to work things out and like I said, I'm the boss so this is the way its going to be, I'm open for suggestions but seeing as you can't talk I think that will be a little hard, so lets just step it up and do our job, OK.
Good talk!
Keep on keeping on and remember we are only as strong as our weakest link (yes right now that is you!)
Love you (especially when you work!)
Anna (and really the rest of the body, yes this is an intervention!)

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